Kate Ylitalo

  • Kate Ylitalo
    Published 9 months ago
    I Feel Lost Without You

    I Feel Lost Without You

    She remembers like it was yesterday. The flashbacks come back little by little, fading in and out, and there is a 16-year-old girl screaming, terrified in the hospital. The place where babies are supposed to be born and people are supposed to be saved. But not today. Not for her. Doctors in their white lab coats are still bustling around, but the rest of the world has just started winding in slow motion. While everyone else is continuing with their day, she is trying to figure out why hers has come to a full blown stop. It can’t be real, right? Other relatives and friends try to calm and hug her, as it feels like her heart got crushed a hundred times over. What happened, what went wrong? Stop saying I’m going to be okay because I’m not! That’s what she wants to say. Instead, she welcomes the tears, hugs, and soft words from others because it’s all she can do. Cry with others and have others cling to her.