Katana Haley

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10 Top Quality Knives for the Skilled Fisherman
8 months ago
Not having the proper knife to fillet a fish can cause a lot of unnecessary frustration. Attempting to fillet a fish with a dull blade makes it very difficult to remove scales and skin. Just as you wo...
Top Beauty Treatments to Keep Your Skin on Point
9 months ago
You need to know what to expect from your treatment before you get started.
Decoding Childish Gambino's 'This Is America'
9 months ago
At Vanity Fair, Austin Collins’ review of Childish Gambino’s “This is America” analyzes the artistry and reveals the deeper meaning behind the quick flashes of explicitly consequential imagery. The multi-hyphenated entertainer Donald Glover dropped a bombshell video sparking a flurry of conversation around the topics of American life, gun control, racism, and most importantly, negating the existence of these issues for voguish diversions. America at large would rather be pacified rather than clo...
Full Frame Cameras: How They’re Impacting Film Now and in the Future
9 months ago
You can meet or even exceed your expectations when you purchase the right camera for your purpose. This bulky, robust camera doesn’t have a crop factor but boasts a broad view. Full frame cameras are the compelling choice of most professionals, but why?
Congestion in Babies — Why It Happens, Everything You Need to Know About It & How to Solve It
a year ago
Imagine how it feels as a congested adult. Your nose is stuffed up, and it’s difficult to inhale. Not only that, sleeping and eating are a challenge for you too. Nasal congestion is as uncomfortable f...
10 Times Celebrities Hated Their Biopics
a year ago
Some will never agree with the way they are portrayed in a film and will go to any extent to prove their anger. In some cases, it's difficult for the actor to conform to their character's morality and behavior. More often than not, the telling of a life story on film only spawns more stories. It's easy to watch a biopic and assume that it's historically accurate. It's even easier to think the people portrayed in the biopic get along with the actors who played them and vice versa. When it comes t...