Julia Eberle

  • Julia Eberle
    Published 17 days ago
    5 Things to Try This Week

    5 Things to Try This Week

    ONE: Wear something you bought but have never worn; Yes, ladies, we all love shopping, filling our closets with all the pretty clothes and shoes and handbags we can find and afford, but somehow, we always end up wearing the same outfits over and over and over, falling back on our favorite pair of jeans or sweatshirt— they’ve always been reliable— leaving our latest ‘treasures’, still tagged, gathering dust and taking up precious space at the way backs of our closets. This week reach back as far as you can and pull out that cute skirt you bought a couple months ago and never wore outside of the store’s changing room. Now rip off that tag and make it an official part of your wardrobe!