Jose Gabriel

I'm a storyteller in training from Toronto. I like to write about different things that inspire me. As long as I'm creating something that entertains people I'll always be happy with what I do, be it short stories, serials, scripts etc.

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The McGuffin Problem
8 days ago
We’ve all heard of it before, the plot device, the McGuffin, or the Deux Ex Machina. It’s that one story element that the protagonists are searching for, trying to activate, kill for, or even destroy....
The Sonic Movie. Could a Toon Design Actually Work in Live-Action?
19 days ago
Oh, boy; here we go. So a couple of weeks ago we got our first glimpse at Sonic’s design for next year's Sonic movie, and well, it’s sure a sight to behold. Those juicy legs look like they could crack...
Nightshade (Part 2)
5 months ago
Read part 1 HereNightshade is driving on the road along Pelham Bay. The stench of fresh Salmon grows stronger by the mile. With his pistol in his holster, Nightshade makes it his mission to take justi...
Nightshade (Part 1)
5 months ago
“This is going to rot our insides,” says James. My friend, James, and I keep staring at the pile of chocolate bars, sour candies, and bags of chips lying in the middle of my room. I bought some of the...
My Assistance Is of Value Part 3
9 months ago
AN: Make sure to read part 1 and part 2 first. The voice has a familiar tone. “Uhh, yeah, hi. It’s me.” “Oh.” Tamara pauses, more at ease now to find out that she is the caller. “Lindsey. What a surpr...
My Assistance Is of Value Part 2
9 months ago
Author's Notes: Be sure to read part 1 here. “It tastes rather dry,” Tamara muses to herself. Taking another bite of her reheated chicken breast from last night's dinner, she notices how the texture a...