Jonathan The Wanderer

I am a houseless traveler documenting my thoughts and experiences as I experience utter material lack and pure bliss simultaneously while traveling the country!

IG: @blissful_abundance

[email protected]

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Let Yourself Be Saved
14 days ago
There is strength in vulnerability. This is a statement not many people can make confidently, especially pertaining to themselves. The way we have been raised, it is a default to embody the lone warri...
How Meditating Killed Me
15 days ago
I’m sure anyone who has heard of meditation has heard a story about somebody becoming so ungrounded that they lost all health and stability. Supposedly, finding yourself too high up in your chakras ca...
What Will My Family Think If I Start Traveling?
19 days ago
At the end of the day, who’s life did we just live? Did we walk around telling the kid who wants to go out and see the world, and still be successful that he couldn’t do it, or were we that kid? Ultim...
Channel Your Stress
19 days ago
Sometimes just breathing isn’t enough... sometimes we just need to yell. Having grown up in an environment that had me constantly on edge, I can attest that having an outlet for our energy is one of t...