Johnny Garcia

Johnny Garcia is a writer based in Clearwater, Florida.  He writes short stories, screenplays, essays, and he is currently working on a novel.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  

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Sex on the Beach
5 hours ago
Eddie and I had been dating for about six months. I really liked his sense of humor. He made me laugh, and it didn’t hurt that he was good in bed. I had gone away with guys for a weekend, but I had ne...
Best Laid Plans (Ch. 5)
4 days ago
Jimmy’s career progress was visible from a distance. At first, he was an on-the-field reporter covering soccer games. The more air time he received, the more viewers seemed to like him. None of this w...
Spice Up Your Sex Life with a Spreadsheet?
7 days ago
A good friend asked me, confidentially, some of the sex acts I performed with my ex-wife. I started listing them and she was taken aback by the number of scenarios we had performed. “Boy, you’ve had l...
Best Laid Plans (Ch. 4)
11 days ago
It was a surprise to everyone, especially Jimmy, that Richie and Linda became a regular couple. Jimmy thought it was just a fling and couldn’t accept it. But he could not deny it. He moved out of the ...
Commuting Can Be Fun!
14 days ago
I live in a suburb of Chicago. I have lived there my whole life. I went to college in downtown Chicago and now I work there as well. I take the train back and forth to Chicago. It has become second na...
Best Laid Plans (Ch. 3)
18 days ago
Richie and Barbara started seeing each after that New Year's Eve night. They would occasionally go to an art house movie theater in Manlius or go to a pub in Armory Square. They looked like a typical ...