john harrison

Media graduate, social media content creator, photographer, videographer, artist. Love gaming, traveling and showcasing the world to everyone. Based in UK but travel the world as much as possible, its too interesting to not explore it all!

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Game of Frowns
3 months ago
The last season of Game of Thrones has been getting a Dothraki hoard of complaints about it from fans and critics alike, even spawning a petition to have the season remade that's gathering number like...
Only a Phone Camera Shot Unfortunately
7 months ago
Photographers can take as narrow a view of things as some lens do. It's a common sight to see in photography groups on social media of someone posting an image and then saying "only a phone camera sho...
Do You Guru? 3 Secrets to Unlock/Reach/Master Etc Etc Etc
7 months ago
EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Only for people that have a social media account (or a pulse). I swear half my emails/messages start with "your photo/video/profile has been chosen/shortlisted/nominated/picked for bl...
Name: John. Class: Travel Photographer/Marksman
10 months ago
Nothing I like more than capturing a beautiful sunset or sunrise or a sprawling vista with some interesting feature (no really I do, check out my instagram johnharrisonmedia) sometimes its on a lovely...
Choose Your Own Adventure
10 months ago
Since the first days of choose your own adventure gamebooks back in the late 1980s, people have loved being given a choice in their gaming experience. From simple turn left or right, pick something up...
'Looks Photoshopped'
a year ago
"Looks Photoshopped." Two words you see every day on social media (if you frequent any pages or groups that encourage photo sharing). Two words that annoy the hell out of me and probably any photograp...