Joel Eisenberg

Joel is a writer-producer, and partner in TV development group Council Tree Productions. He has developed projects for Ovation TV, TNT, Decades TV and FOX Studios, among others. 

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George Lucas Did Not Rape My Childhood, but His Sith Informed My Politics
8 months ago
Oprah Winfrey killed it on this year’s Golden Globe Awards. The ovation was staggering. Men and women both were crying. She addressed the #MeToo and #ItsTime movements, and minutes later was touted as...
Where Do We Go from Here?
9 months ago
“Science fiction is dying. Everything is science fact now.” Wrong. Science fiction will die only if the world ends tomorrow. Otherwise, what is not, will become. As ever. Cycles will spring from each ...
The 'Rocky' Saga: An Appreciation
9 months ago
1976. I went alone, and I’m glad I did. Actually, I snuck into my local multiplex. The audience was standing during that climactic fight - no hyperbole - and pounding their fists into the air. World H...
A First Date for the Ages
9 months ago
Brooklyn College. I loved Brooklyn College. The time of my life, until I met my wife. I’ll set the scene further... The Year is 1982. I was 18, and living with my parents. I was painfully shy in high ...
Op-ed from an Avowed Anti-Trumper: If Those of Us on “The Left” Condone an Artistic Blacklist, Will Nazism Be Next? (Or, Why Conservatism in 2018 Hollywood Is the New “Gay.”)
9 months ago
The provocative headline is only partially clickbait. Softening it for effect or to make myself look better won’t happen. I want this one read, and read hard. I want the word “radioactive” associated ...
Pussy-grabbing in Shithole Countries
9 months ago
I found a letter yesterday. It was in my late dad’s effects, within a folder that also contained my third-grade report card ... and an essay. The paper upon which the essay was written was brittle to ...