Jenny Beck

I am a chiropractor, health advocate and advocate for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. I love to travel and spent several years working overseas in Indonesia and Ghana. @aslchiro- Instagram

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Light and Darkness
a month ago
I sat on the floor, looking at my beautiful newborn who was sleeping contentedly under the mosquito netting in her bassinet. My head was spinning from exhaustion. I felt myself sliding into a black ho...
Hearing Loss
a month ago
I live my life suspended between two worlds, not quite fitting into either. There is the hearing world: a world of noise, of happy conversations and quiet whispers, of blaring horns and twittering bir...
a month ago
"Blofonyo!" My mother-in-law's greeting to me is full of affection and warmth. Her term of endearment literally means 'white person,' but has a whole other meaning when she speaks it. When she says it...
a month ago
'Hi, Bule!" The call of a young Indonesian child makes me turn my head and wave. The child lights up, enthusiastically waving back. I continue walking down the crowded sidewalk, ducking to miss the lo...
The Movement of Life
3 months ago
Steam rises from a dusty street A microphone squawks The call to prayer rising through the heat Dawn breaks and the day begins. A hazy sun fills the sky Mosques echo With a prayerful cry Worship begin...
Welcome to Saigon
3 months ago
The warm night air covered me like a blanket. People around me were chatting happily while neon lights advertised the stores lining the street. It was late at night but the city was bustling and scoot...