Jennifer Osorio

  • Jennifer Osorio
    Published about a year ago
    A Child's Fear

    A Child's Fear

    The year was 1977. I was born the daughter of John (an abusive alcoholic) and Diane (a mentally fragile woman). My dad had mentioned he did not want any children, yet—my mom decided to get off the pill anyhow. So, when I came around, my dad was not impressed to say the least. He had already had a son with whom he abandoned and disowned who was already in his late teens by the time I was born. Because my dad did not want me, I suffered through tremendous neglect. Whenever I had cried as an infant I was placed inside closets to cry it out. Soiled, hungry, scared—it didn't matter. My mom was not allowed to pick me up. I was isolated and alone and I was not even a month old yet.