Jenn Melon

I go by Jenn Melon. 

I’m a 16 year old junior in highschool aspiring to become a brodcast journalist or creative writer.

Contact me!

Instagram: @jennmelon

Facebook: Jenn Melon 

Email: [email protected]

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How Your Choice of Disposing Plastic Impacts the World
6 days ago
Recently, I’ve come across many social media posts referring to recycling and how our waste has been affecting the environment. The topic has also come along multiple times in school, whether it be so...
Reasons for Buying a Whirlpool Bath Now
7 days ago
Are you thinking of buying a new addition for your bathroom? If you are willing to spend money to improve the bathroom, you might want to consider purchasing a whirlpool bath. It is an ideal tub that ...
To the Boy I Love the Most
7 days ago
I’ve never been good at this kind of stuff. Expressing emotion, showing passion, or even being open. Sometimes I never thought I deserved anything what so ever. Over the past two years I’ve been numb, even broken. I never really knew love, that is until I knew you. I know people would say I’m too young to fall for it. You came out of nowhere, and I haven’t a clue. Love is truly a terrifying feeling Yet, it’s so beautiful and euphoric I never knew this feeling. A feeling that speeds the healing. ...
What Do You Think About These 2019 Grammy Fashion Choices?
11 days ago
The Grammys are known for many things, whether it be awarding phenomenal actors, recognizing singers, or even funny faces and moments made. But something everyone notices is the outfit choices. Going ...
5 Twisted Nursery Rhyme Theories
11 days ago
We all remember when we were children, being taught silly yet cute nursery rhymes from books, schools, or our parents. But not many people are ever sure of the real idea behind certain nursery rhymes....
5 New Emojis for People with Disabilities
15 days ago
Everyone knows how wildly popular Apple emojis are. Products such as pillows, clothing, and home decor are making millions of dollars selling items with Apple emojis projected on it. Not too long ago,...