Jeffrey Joseph

Vegan Chef, animal rights supporter and recovering alcoholic trying my hand at something new and sharing my experiences.

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Cooking: An Omnipotent Being or Utter Malarkey?
a month ago
Why is it that some people can make the most amazing creations of culinary wonder while others can only seem to burn water? Is it the lack of knowledge? Skill? Is it just by sheer luck? Chance? Or is ...
5 Minutes
2 months ago
It was my first day off after a crazy Black Friday weekend at work. I was looking forward to sleeping in and engaging in some enjoyable activities and all around just relax. The day started out good, ...
My Confession
3 months ago
I thought I was a giver, not a taker I thought I was happy, not sad I thought I was kind, not mean I thought I was good, not bad I thought I was light, not darkness I thought I was something, not noth...
Alcohol Detoxing
3 months ago
Have you ever done a detox? I mean any kind of detox. Maybe like a body detox by juicing or trying to give up caffeine? How do you usually feel while going through it? With anything that we are physic...
True Love: The One
4 months ago
True love is a Western society invention, or so I've been told. For countless centuries people were married to one another based on societal status, social class, through arranged marriages, or just f...
Recovery Sucks
4 months ago
The road to recovery is paved with good intentions. Wait, that isn't right. It's the road to hell. Meh, same thing. In case you missed the title let me say it again, recovery sucks. Yup, that's right ...