Jared Wheeler

I teach philosophy, religious studies and communication at a small college.  I am a dad and husband and spouter of multiple opinions.  @jaredawheeler 

Tweets and Ink
8 months ago
A little over a week ago, Kevin Durant made a mistake. Which mistake he made is still debated. Did he A) Forget to log out of a burner Twitter account before commenting on a fan's question, or B) Answ...
An Expert Weighs in on Trump's Pardon
8 months ago
Recently inflatable leather handbag Donald Trump used his presidential pardon to save the erstwhile sheriff of Maricopa county in Arizona. Joe Arpaio (known to Trump's denizens as "Sheriff Joe" like s...
Tank Wars
8 months ago
Eight teams from each conference will make the playoffs. You know this. A few teams will try mightily to get into the playoffs but will ultimately fail. You know this as well. Some teams have no hope....
But How Will They Look in the Jersey?
8 months ago
Advanced stats are fine. WAR, VORP, +RC, HPV, WWII — all helpful as means by which we can view sports through a more precise and insightful lens. It also helps those of us who could never hit a step-b...
The Worst Mock Draft On the Internet: Part III
8 months ago
Headed for a WASPISH 40 years of barely speaking: Bad marriage tier three — a poor fit
The Worst Mock Draft on the Internet: Part I
8 months ago
Mock drafts are delightful. Analysts try to discern the best possible location for various prospects to land. Mock drafts are also boring. For the millionth time, I know Markel Fultz is good. What if ...