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  • Jannie Dunigan
    Published 5 months ago
    Dragon fly

    Dragon fly

    It was a hot day in July and we had all gone to swim at friends pool. I am the proud Grandmother of three beautiful Grandkids. Two boys and one girl ages anywhere from ten to four years old at the time. The kids had been swimming but my four year old Grandson had fallen asleep. When he woke he was grumpy not wanting to do anything but fuss because of heat. Everyone was trying to get him in a better mood but he storms off a few feet from us. We all I started to do our own thing some swim so I'm eating some drinking just having fun. We saw the youngest grandson pick something up off the hot cement. It's like he stopped in amazement at what he found. It was a dragonfly and he was not moving. We can ask him just to put it down because it was dead he's in a go about his business back but he refused. He began to blow air onto the dragonfly with no response of course. That we tried is making a no go play and he refused totally refused hey Steph I will bring the dragonfly back to life. Of course we didn't want his feelings to get hurt and be disappointed so we tried to encourage him to to put it down and just keep going. This four-year-old wouldn't have no part of it. He went to the shade and continue to blow like he was breathing like back into it. Five maybe 10 minutes went by he still completely refused to stop. Hello Voice if they were that dragonfly and then all of a sudden it's wings flutter. He began to cry with happiness. See I told you he said see I told you that and dead. Still we were thinking there's no way that dragonfly is alive. If that little four-year-old continue to insist that it was alive. He probably said that another five minutes or so with no encouragement from us and all of a sudden a dragonfly begin to flow to his wings and flew away and total amazement. We were all completely shocked that this little boy spent that much time basically resuscitate that dragonfly because he said he knew he was not dead. That day that little boy told us I will listen don't give up on something you love that is beautiful because it might not be dead.