Iveta Felix Irakoze

Iveta Felix Irakoze

I am a Christian, a Gospel Artist.

I am very passionate and determinate

Learning the very useful keys in life

Love, Uprightness & Patience

Holiness & Righteousness

Humbleness & Humility

Respect Tolerance

Greatest of all being born again

How does it work?
  • Iveta Felix Irakoze
    Published 7 days ago
    The Unfriendly Friend

    The Unfriendly Friend

    Both of them were successful. They were well behaved young men, grew up in a Christian home; Peter Yale and Franklin Dee, but Franklin was very much ahead of Peter, both in riches and in fame. Though they were very close and shared all their secrets together, Peter started developing a dangerous jealousy towards Franklin because Franklin was gaining much more attention than Peter and every time they went for a party, seminar, or a conference, the one who always got strong recognition was Franklin Dee.