Hillari Hunter

I'm an amateur boxing coach who likes to write about many topics.  In a past life, I was an unappreciated office support employee.  I have sung in church choirs and in nightclubs.  I'm speaking up and out more and using my age as an excuse.  

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What a Youth Amateur Boxing Coach Doesn't Want to Hear
3 days ago
What Parents Need to Realize About the Sport
Downsides of Dating Baby's Daddy
7 days ago
There was baby’s mama drama surrounding a guy I dated years before. My ex-boyfriend had kids by an ex-wife as well as an ex-girlfriend. I had known several women whose lives had been inconvenienced by...
Being a Planner Girl for Less
a month ago
After my umpteenth trip up to an arts and craft store to buy planner supplies, I realized that I had become a planner girl. I also realized that I was throwing my budget off balance. Depending on the ...
Not the Mama
3 months ago
I was a stepdaughter twice, courtesy of my father who kept rushing to get married and apparently had a problem with being single and alone for long periods of time. Being a stepdaughter under the thir...
Half-Sibling and Full Trouble
3 months ago
As my oldest half-sister passed me on the way out of probate court, she hissed to me that she wished I was in a coma. Our stepmother lay in a coma in a nursing facility, the result of an accident she ...