Erika Vemeulen

  • Erika Vemeulen
    Published 2 years ago
    To the Lost and Lonely People in the World

    To the Lost and Lonely People in the World

    So I've never been one to have a lot of friends. I had a small group of friends from the start. Over the years, you can imagine how that small group slowly decreased in numbers until there was just me and one other person left in that group. Last night, that last person and I had a falling out. Now I'm not placing that blame solely on their shoulders for we both share the blame equally. Words were said that you can never take back. Now I'm not saying this was our worst fight either, there have been plenty of them before now but this one was different. At least for me it was. Normally when we fight, I would have a little sad episode and cry a few tears for about 30 minutes before I'd move on and soon they would move on as well then we'd be friends again. No, last night was totally different. I sat in my room with them just a few feet from me and just moved on. It occurred to me that this has been the very same vicious cycle I was just speaking to a close family member about earlier that day. The cycle goes like this: