Emily Harwood

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  • Emily Harwood
    Published 9 months ago
    Tips and Tricks for the Engineering Student

    Tips and Tricks for the Engineering Student

    At this point in the school year, my fellow engineering students (or maybe not engineering—maybe students just trying to learn how I study) are probably struggling, or trying to get inspired to get through midterms or finals. Let me start off my saying that I am in my third year of undergrad, in Electrical and Computer Engineering. There are probably a maximum of five females in my class (including myself) at this point in my course. This is all just my experience, especially since the school I attend is very small and very male-dominated—not just in the engineering department. One of the first classes I attended, I was pointed out by male teacher who called me a "little girl," and proceeded to assume my ethnicity and speak to me in Spanish (when I am Filipina, and can't speak Spanish worth anything). He continued to do that for the rest of the year, and I was unable to drop the course as all classes were full. It was a deeply disturbing experience for me to sit through a class where the guys in my class would join in and tease me, calling me, "little girl." At my school, I had to earn the respect of my peers and teachers, in order for me to not get teased or called out in such a manner that would never happen to my male counterparts. I was once a straight A student, and now I was struggling to get a B. My sophomore year, I had to try my hardest in everything, and get the best grades in order for people to stop thinking of me as the person that was constantly struggling in class to actually wanting to be a part of my study group. Here are a few things that I did to get my grades together, and start studying more efficiently.