Emily Fritz

I like empowering women, and spending weekends at race tracks. Ice cream enthusiast and happiness chaser.

Instagram: eheathcote_ 

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'Face It Till You Make It'
9 days ago
If you’ve spent any amount of time on Pinterest, Facebook, or any other social media that is flooded with inspirational quotes that make you want to get up off your ass, but like, not enough to actual...
How to Get Ahead in the Job Interview Jungle
11 days ago
If I had a dollar for every time I called my poor mother to say, “I don’t know why no one will f*cking hire me,” I’d never have to walk into another interview again. When I lived in Daytona Beach, I r...
3 Helpful Tips for the Chronic Mover
a month ago
In the last 365 days, I’ve had four different zip codes. I’ve lived in three states, worked four different jobs, and tried to make four different buildings feel like home. If you’re a chronic traveler...
No, I Don't Think Your Joke Is Funny
5 months ago
The Millennial Generation is known as the generation that is offended by everything. We are told constantly that we take things too seriously, we’re too sensitive, and too self-righteous; we’re seen a...
Morality and Apology in the Public Eye
6 months ago
Following Robin William’s suicide in 2014, there was an outpouring of celebrity apologies due to their less than polite reactions and/or previous statements on depression and suicide (Norton). For exa...
“We’ll Always Be Listening”
6 months ago
I can feel you, Your ear to my chest With the expectation of That steady heart beat the doctor waits for When he says breath in… and out. Sometimes, that alone is too loud, A constant noise in the bac...