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    Published about a month ago
    The Coaches Son

    The Coaches Son

    My story begins as the son of a former AFL footballer, David Ratten. My name is Jackson Ratten. l was born at Frankston Hospital, Victoria. When l turned 6 years old, l started my first year of Primary School at Seaford Park. Over the years of my Primary school education, I started growing taller and stronger and by the time l graduated year 6, my height was 160 centimeters and a weight of 65 kilograms, at the age of 13, l started playing junior football, with the Seaford Junior Football Club and I got the number 12, After about 2 months the season started. Over the course of the season we won games I scored goals and by the end of the season, we won the flag, and l scored 14 goals and by the time l reached the age of 16, I would be scoring 25 goals a season and l also have my learners permit.