Dylan Dames

18 years, Bahamas born, Florida living. I eat stories. I like to produce them too. Search 'Dylan Dames' on YouTube.
13 days ago
I rub the tough calluses on the tips of my fingers together. They haven’t healed, but I do it anyway, because otherwise I’d have to give Alan my full attention. It feels like the last time I sat in a ...
The Bay Wall
5 months ago
Two big seagulls swoop down on a French fry that floats in the sea. They wrestle with it, flapping their wings aggressively as the fry predictably splits in two. The birds fly away. I pick up another ...
How to Live Hardly—Part Two
9 months ago
Two mornings later, I wake up to my mom calling me upstairs. I live in the basement of our house, which is nothing like people think. I’d tell someone I live in a basement, but they don’t know I mean ...
How to Live Hardly
9 months ago
I stare at the fog on my front and passenger windows. I want so bad to roll them down and back up, but I know the fog would just collect again and I’d be more annoyed. Stupid condensation. Peering ahe...
The Islander
a year ago
I don’t know the city, I only know the town I am exotic, for my skin is brown I know the ocean, I count the stars I don’t believe in math or Mars I eat fresh, I eat ready I run long, I swim steady I m...
a year ago
I still have 3 inhalers in my room, Although I haven’t been choked in years. They collect dust— Ironic ain’t it! When I got choked, it would Start in my chest, then pull my neck, Drain my eyes and dri...