Dr. Alexandra Richards

Dr. Alexandra Richards is clinical psychologist with a specialist interest in sexual health, medically unexplained symptoms, and neuropsychology. She serves as a professional consultant for the Between Us Clinic, which provides sex-therapy online programs for men and couples experiencing premature ejaculation.

  • Dr. Alexandra Richards
    Published about a year ago
    What to Do When Your Partner Suddenly Can’t Get It Up

    What to Do When Your Partner Suddenly Can’t Get It Up

    If you’re having regular sex you’ll know only too well that it doesn’t always go to plan. Accidental injuries, furniture malfunctions, broken condoms and unexpected guests…everyone will have a story of sexual mishap. When sex hits a road-block it can break the flow and sometimes it’s difficult to get back on track. When a guy loses his erection it can create an awkward situation where neither partner is quite sure of how to proceed. He may become frustrated or embarrassed, whilst you wonder if this is down to you or if there’s anything you can do to help. There can be many reasons why someone might have difficulty staying hard, ranging from medication side-effects and alcohol use to issues related to performance anxiety and body-image. Regardless of the cause, a one-off difficulty can start to turn into a regular problem. Both partners come to expect that there will be issues with sex, making it hard to relax and go with the moment. Sex therapists suggest that the way a partner responds when this happens can make a huge impact on whether this becomes an on-going problem and the quality of your sex life going forward.