Diego Estevez

I'm a barista and occasional writer. I speak three languages fluently and I'm currently learning another. 

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The Way of the Barista
3 months ago
Being a barista is much more than just knowing how to brew a cup of coffee using a K-Cup. Being a barista means pouring (get it?) your heart and soul into every cup, every time you brew. If you are a ...
4 months ago
As I walk these halls of my school, I see all these happy lads and lasses. Some going to their classes, Some avoiding the masses. I think to myself, what are these people going through? Are their situ...
The Caging of America
5 months ago
Since the colonial times, black people have been treated as objects with no mind, meaning or purpose other than to serve white people. Even our Founding Fathers owned slaves. “Thomas Jefferson enslave...
'Kite Runner' Literary Analysis
5 months ago
Innocence is something we’re all born with, and it is not something that anyone should forcefully be stripped off of, but some people are evil and willing to do so, and sometimes for their own amuseme...
The Dream
a year ago
The “American Dream” is a very subjective thing. Each person interprets it differently. My “Dream” has been much more of a nightmare since I came, I’ve had some good experiences, but I’ve also gone th...