Desiree Collins

  • Desiree Collins
    Published 9 days ago
    Unbalanced Life

    Unbalanced Life

    Since I was a very young my dad was a loving father. But that all changed in the year of 1996 when my parents decided that it was time to move from Atlanta to Alaska. Alaska was promised to be the best place to raise your kids. But there are many dark hidden secrets that plaque a small island. After moving to Alaska everything had seemed to change. My dad was no longer a father. He was evil, and dark. My temper grew with each and every passing day. I never understood what was going on. I saw that my baby sister (who's one year younger then me) was never in trouble. When I was just six years old I was told to go play outside. I was in a dress, and I didn't think much of it. I went out and played. I was playing on a pile of rocks, and these two boys had approached me. I didn't think anything of it, I mean why would I was just a child playing with some rocks. These two boys I didn't know who they were, but I still try to make friends with them. But that wasn't their plans. Soon these two boys had forced me to lay down. One boy held my arms and mouth, the other removed my underwear. Soon the one boy who took off my underwear, he was unzipping his pants. Taking himself out. He licked his fingers, telling me to be a good little girl and get nice and wet for me. He spit on me, trying to make things wet, and to make it easier to insert himself inside me. But he wasn't able to finish what he started. There was a noise and it spooked the boys, and they ran off. I had got up, pulling up my underwear and I ran home. I told my parent's everything that had happened, and they quickly took me to the police. At the police station the Chief of Police had taken me to the back with my parent's to question me. The officer was a male, and he had picked me up sitting me on his lap giving me a piece of paper and a yellow high lighter, and told me to draw what I had seen. I did what I was told. After I talked with the officer, we were sent home. Not to the hospital for DNA swabs nothing. Those two boys got to walk around with an order to just not come near me. In the early spring of 1997 the boy's and their family's had moved. But what they had done has scared me for life. Shortly after what had been done to me, I started to act different. My parents moved us from one rental home to the next, and that's when my parent's had an old Army vet move in with us to help with us kids. This man was hard to deal with, his military ways made it very hard to please him. I could never do anything to his standers. After a month of the Army vet being our sitter while my parent's worked. My parents moved in another guy, who was very funny. I had to two male nannies in my life, one who I could never make happy, and the other loved music and worked with food. As a kid I got use to the fun nanny giving me twenty dollars each week for ice cream, but that's not what I used it for. Life was still very much unbalanced I still wasn't able to make my parents happy in any way. Even if I tried they just thought I was up to something.