Delilah Jayde

Delilah is a love and relationship blogger whose satire can only be compared to that of a swirly-eyed anime character: ridiculously cute but cross-eyed at best. You can follow her on Facebook at:

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30 Last Minute Date Night Ideas for Couples on a Budget
6 days ago
In every relationship, whether a new relationship or one that's been through the honeymoon phase before, date night is an essential part of keeping the flame alight. But sometimes it can be hard to wo...
The Single's Guide to Returning to the Dating Scene
13 days ago
If you've been hiding under a rock for the last little while, perhaps feeling a little bit lonely, wishing you could share that last slice of pizza with someone else, or maybe you're fresh out of a re...
Life Lessons From Broken Long-Term Relationships in Your 20s
a month ago
The end of a long term relationship is a lot like raising a child; it's frustrating, can often be loud and demeaning, and you're usually left in a puddle of a mess without any rhyme or reason as to ho...
How To Tell If Your Boyfriend's Female Friend Is "Just A Friend"
a month ago
We've all been there at one point: your boyfriend chats with another girl, they exchange phone numbers, they spend time together occasionally and are connected on social media. You may or may not know...
A Letter to the Heartbroken
a month ago
This letter was never written with pen and paper for the person it was intended for, and I don't think I will end up sharing it with the individual described, as we are not as close as we used to be. ...
Avoid Asking This Question When You're On A Date
a month ago
I remember going out once with this guy I went to school with back in college where we went for a quiet dinner and then out to play billiards afterwards. The conversation was pretty good, and we were ...