Delilah Jayde

Delilah is a musician and model whose interest in writing began with writing lyrics. Her work is inspired by the daily musings of life and the discussions they create. Follow her on Facebook at:

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Valuable Life Lessons That I Learned Growing Up in Vancouver
7 hours ago
Looking back at this post, I realize that some of these might sound a bit... obvious. But how often does one remind themselves to do these simple yet excruciatingly difficult things and eventually fin...
8 Obvious Music Sellouts of Today's Generation
a day ago
Throughout musical history, musicians have been known to cause controversy and create a buzz about important opinions they hold regarding society and the way of life that humans partake in without rem...
The Red Dress Among the Sea of Black at the Golden Globes
4 days ago
In case you've been hiding under a stone at the bottom of a volcano this past week, you are probably aware that the #timesup movement happened at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards early this January. Atten...
The Winners and Losers From Elementary School Graduation
5 days ago
I was in fifth grade; tall, smart, studious and athletic. I loved to swim, had a few really close friends, good grades, and a happy family to go home to everyday. My parents kept my busy with swim cla...
From First Date to Legal Representative
6 days ago
A few years ago when I was single and exploring the very foreign world of online dating, I met Nick* who, from his profile picture, seemed right up my alley: tall, dark, had great taste in music and c...
Is it Better to Work Out in the Morning or Afternoon?
7 days ago
The other day I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine who is an early riser. She enjoys waking up early, going for a run, and having a nice breakfast before heading to work in the morni...