Debi Hammond

I started my life creative and sparkly. I am an Artist and Writer and my business and path is Creating Happy. I will share my journey and discovery of true and everlasting happiness.I hope to light your way as I light mine. 

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Embracing My Colors
6 days ago
Hello and happy day! This is a past-post, something I wrote when I, "worked for the man"… that’s what I call trading my time for someone else’s vision. I have "worked for the man" at times when it see...
Walking My Talk with Grace
7 days ago
Wow! The lessons I have learned in the last two years have been big and real and just what I’ve asked for really. Not always fun but taking the bad with the good is just living. There have been some s...
Creating Happy Waves
8 days ago
One of my most favorite quotes—“Why Just Float through Life When You Can Make Waves,” was my mantra when I was in my twenties, and it was my first written design. My business, Creating Happy has been ...
The Other Side of Happy
8 days ago
I didn’t realize I was creating such a path for growth and understanding when I decided to name my business Creating Happy. I really try to live my life intentionally, and since Creating Happy was wha...
Creating Happy
8 days ago
Hello and Happy day, whatever day it is and wherever you happen to be. My name is Debi and I am a Creative… I draw; pencil, pen, ink, marker- greeting card designs, prints, book illustrations. I paint...