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A quiet guy who loves basketball...enough said. While it seems like I do mostly Cavalier articles, I also do more

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The Cleveland Cavaliers Might Exceed Their Expectations
2 days ago
The Eastern Conference will have a new identity come the 2018-2019 season. One free agency signing is responsible for shifting the dynamic of the entire conference. The signing I am referring to is th...
Can the Celtics Get to the NBA Finals?
8 days ago
The Eastern Conference will be much different from last year's version. A single free agency signing more or less changed the entire dynamic of the Conference. The signing that I am referring to is th...
The American Basketball Exposure League
17 days ago
Once again, this article will be somewhat different. One of my recent articles was about my newly established YouTube channel. If you read that article, I provided a link to my channel within the arti...
LeBron James Opens School in Akron
19 days ago
LeBron James continues to do amazing things on and off the court. On Monday, James opened the I Promise School, a public school, in his hometown, Akron. James has been a philanthropist nearly his whol...
The Start of a New Journey
22 days ago
This article is different from any that I have written on this site. My other articles usually cover things that are "breaking news" in the NBA. I also do opinion articles from time to time, but they ...
Jabari Parker Will Jump-Start His Career in Chicago
a month ago
Free agency signings are slowing down, but that does not mean they have stopped. In fact, the Chicago Bulls made a move that will "fly under the radar",but could benefit them tremendously. The Bulls s...