David Bulley

History teacher, writer, storyteller

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If You Say in Public That You “Don’t Trust the Media” You Are a Special Kind of Stupid
6 days ago
Every once in awhile I run into a man at a party who brags that he carries his tire iron under the driver’s seat of his car (always a man) just in case of trouble. Knowing nothing else about this pers...
Republicans Are Now Completely Immoral
2 months ago
In the 9th grade, I took great delight in pissing off my sociology teacher. He was a WW2 veteran, had literally marched on Auschwitz, was an evangelical Christian, and deeply conservative. In classroo...
America is Exactly Wrong in Its Approach to North Korea
7 months ago
In any middle school American social studies class, as they look at ancient cultures, the message is repeated and reinforced: With trade comes the exchange of ideas. Through all of history from the Ph...
Stop Using “Snowflake” As an Insult
8 months ago
It is fun to turn around and use the insult intended for liberal progressives on the conservative base in an attempt to point out how poorly conservatives react to having their feelings hurt. The insu...
Time to Take a Knee
9 months ago
In the military, the American flag is lowered each evening at sundown as they play Taps over the loudspeaker. This is in line with the US flag code which says that the sun should never set on the Amer...
Dear Student
9 months ago
Dear Student I forgive you for stomping that giant erect phallus Into the pristine snow Of the playground. The rounded droop, lightly shadowed Giving the hint of two. The Length, simply stunning in it...