David Bulley

History teacher, writer, storyteller

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America is Exactly Wrong in Its Approach to North Korea
3 months ago
In any middle school American social studies class, as they look at ancient cultures, the message is repeated and reinforced: With trade comes the exchange of ideas. Through all of history from the Ph...
Stop Using “Snowflake” As an Insult
4 months ago
It is fun to turn around and use the insult intended for liberal progressives on the conservative base in an attempt to point out how poorly conservatives react to having their feelings hurt. The insu...
Time to Take a Knee
5 months ago
In the military, the American flag is lowered each evening at sundown as they play Taps over the loudspeaker. This is in line with the US flag code which says that the sun should never set on the Amer...
Dear Student
5 months ago
Dear Student I forgive you for stomping that giant erect phallus Into the pristine snow Of the playground. The rounded droop, lightly shadowed Giving the hint of two. The Length, simply stunning in it...
Liberals Are the Only True Patriots Left
5 months ago
FDR used to call the contingent of isolationists who were strongly opposed to war with Germany “Shrimps” because they had a spinal cord but no brain. At the time, America had its share of Hitler admir...
Hug a Nazi
6 months ago
I’m almost finished with the first draft of a book titled How to Stop Feeling Afraid, in which I use all my experience as a high and middle school disciplinarian to show how nearly all aberrant behavior has its roots in fear. Why did that guy call you names? He’s afraid. Why did your girlfriend snub you in public? She’s afraid. Why were you robbed, threatened, hurt, dissed, cut off in traffic? All, all (except for the sociopath) because that person’s fear was powerful enough to overcome their na...