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  • Daniel Hanks
    Published 15 days ago
    Best Breakfast and Brunch near Pearson Airport

    Best Breakfast and Brunch near Pearson Airport

    Haida Sandwich .Photo by: Owner Haida restaurant is one of the restaurants near Pearson airport. If you are one of the people who like to have fast food as a meal when your plane landed, Haida is the best you can find around. Haida restaurant provides the most delicious pizzas and sandwiches near Pearson airport. Moreover, the ingredients that they use are fresh, authentic, and Halal. Besides, they provide Persian food and drink (doogh); thus, this place can never let you go! Moreover, the Haida restaurant provides cold sandwiches and appetizers. Then, if you are satisfied with their food and price, you can let them cater to your events.