Conor Miggan

30, Irish, living in London. I teach children for a living, on a good day they teach me too. I have a son, he's the greatest motivation I've ever had.

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Putting the PC in UFC
12 days ago
The journey towards greater political correctness is one I generally support. You don’t get to be racist or sexist anymore? How sad for you. But we must manage our expectations. Our society places ath...
Living with Anxiety
2 months ago
I’ve never fully understood mental illness. Never experienced it, I suppose. I’ve experienced funks, usually on a Sunday evening. I’ve been sad, really sad sometimes. But that’s it. I’ve been able to ...
1–My Friend From Uni
4 months ago
The front door creaks open worryingly. Steven and Amy peer in hopefully, and once they’re certain nothing will fall on their heads, they step inside and take a deep breath. For better or worse, they’r...
Borrowed Time
4 months ago
It was Belfast, the early 1990s. Two Special Forces types, the type they usually deny exist are tuning a high velocity sniper rifle. Several streets away, an equally incendiary and important figure in...
Phil Anselmo
a year ago
Phil Anselmo, Lead Singer of Pantera, turned 50 years old. There was a time when you would have wished him Happy Birthday with a fist bump and a jaeger shot. Even if you weren’t with him, he was such ...
A Paupers Grave for a King
a year ago
The men dug while the woman sewed, a typical scene. They spread the cloth over the freshly dug hole, covered it with leaves and took to the trees. A kings transport, a carriage and typical detail of s...