Cobe Wilson

I am a graduate of the College of Coastal Georgia (Brunswick, GA). I hold a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from this school. I am currently attending Walden University Online for a Masters of Science in Psychology. Gamer, writer, poet.

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Within a Desert Lamp of Gold
4 days ago
When the world folds I will hold All the stories that have been told From time to time and place to place, Within a desert lamp of gold. When all the oceans, Dried before the blazing sun, Cease to swe...
History of Psychology - The Greek Philosophers
6 days ago
The history of psychology is a long and arduous one that is filled with constant shifts in ideology, approach, and importance. The field of psychology today incorporates various aspects of the history...
The Darkness
9 days ago
The darkness, it follows us everywhere. Even in the very brightest of places, the darkness hides in the corners of existence. Within our hearts, the darkness conceals itself within thoughts and desire...
A Sonnet for My Love
9 days ago
When I see the radiant glow That befalls your soft toned face When to me you willfully show Your glorious grace. You are all I desire With your bright white innocent heart and soul My love for you bur...
Snowy Days and Candle Flames
9 days ago
I love winter. The cold, biting air. The snow that falls with no sound. The bright sun’s glare From the white, frozen ground. I love winter. It makes every door an entry way Into a warm and cozy lair....
10 days ago
N.E.U.R.O.D.I.V.E.R.S.I.T.Y. Never-ending Epitaph of Unrestrained Resourcefulness. An Obfuscatory Dynamic Involving Variation, Empathy, Reality and, Sanity. Imagination. Transformation. Yourself. The ...