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  • CL Williams
    Published 7 months ago
    This Life: Unwrapping to Get Whole

    This Life: Unwrapping to Get Whole

    Where to start? There's so much to unwrap when you're black, single, haven't reached the level of success you thought you'd have reached by 60, you're struggling to fit in, to be accepted, and all you get are more obstacles, more character-building events. What do you do? The obvious answer is to keep going, count your blessings, and practice gratitude and a host of other things to remain grounded and able to navigate life—you know, therapy. And, of course, it is easier said than done. As my friend would say, "The only way out is the way through," as in, you have to work through things by addressing them. Well, in my mind, I've thought, No one cares, or wants to hear your tales of woe, and, If anyone hears my stories, or sees the real me (damaged goods by way of abuse—both through physical/verbal, as well as sexual assault), they won't like me, whoever "they" might be. All my life, I'd never understood what being vulnerable meant. I've learned, but very late—as in, only very recently. I've never really been able to be confident that what I might share wouldn't be ridiculed, or not be considered worthy in some way.