Cheyenne Seyferth

I would like to call myself and up and coming writer. I'm still young but I have so many ideas for stories as well as tips from what I learned so far in my life. Hope you enjoy what I have to offer. I'm also working on my own book as well.

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Things You Might Need to Understand About Color Guard
4 months ago
When people ask, do you start off with telling them you’re in marching band or do you jump straight in with explaining that you’re in color guard? There are so many people that as soon as those two wo...
My Depression Isn't Beautiful
4 months ago
So many people see depression as beautiful. I can assure you that my depression isn’t beautiful. Its probably the most terrifying thing I’ve experienced in my life. And I’ve had my fair share of traum...
Shots Fired
2 years ago
Being an infamous, yet anonymous, sniper for the many gangs that riddled her city’s and the few surrounding cities’ streets was not the ideal job. She had to keep herself anonymous in order to hold no...