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    Published 2 months ago
    bring on the songs.

    bring on the songs.

    When wanting to share with you all my favorite jams I started to think about all the music I listen to, and realized most of them are mashups or tik tok songs. When I say I am addicted to that app, I am way too addicted. But I have compiled a list of five of the most amazing songs for the week, cause my life changes moment by moment.... So be prepared for some songs next week as well, cause I am pretty sure I wanna do a weekly top 5 songs. I think it will be cool to see just how many different genres there are in my life, and to see how all the songs collide with eachother. You will see a very diverse group of songs. I literally can go from country, to classical, to rap, and to the 60's all in a span of ten minutes, and I have no shame in my game. I hope you enjoy these songs, and add them to your next banging playlist.