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    Published 5 months ago
    Why Mental Health Matters

    Why Mental Health Matters

    Ashley Tisdale released her new album Symptoms earlier this year and I have been waiting for this release for soo long. Ashley Tisdale is one of my idols, and just seeing her singing again makes me happy. Also, what I admire most about this album is how openly she speaks, or better saying sings, about her mental health struggles. As someone who did a psychology undergraduate degree, I take mental health very serious. And in my opinion it is a very important topic to talk about, and I like that more and more organizations focus on the aspect of talking openly about mental health struggles. However, unfortunately a lot of people think that physical health is more important than mental health but this is not the case. Mental health IS and WILL ALWAYS BE MORE IMPORTANT than physical health—always keep that in mind. Mental health affects our wellbeing, affects basically everything in our life. You cannot function properly if your soul suffers and the way that Ashley Tisdale describes it in her new album is just amazing.