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Hello Vocal creators- My name is Luke and I'm excited to join the party! I am a novice blogger with a superb flair for storytelling who doesn't get nearly enough time to write as I should! 😂


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    Published 13 days ago
    Thick & Thin, Forever: The End.

    Thick & Thin, Forever: The End.

    TWIYS Media LLC was nothing more than a dialogue that was instigated and then coaxed out of me, by an individual named Daniel Gross, If you google Daniels name, you will discover—like I did—that he sits on the board of one of the most prestigious start-up incubators this side of the equator. In fact: Y-Combinator is actually valuated at 100B all things considered. Don't believe me? Not a worry just take a minute to hit that clickable link I left for you to fact check me, I'll wait!