Brooklyn Hughes

"wear your tragedies as armor, not shackles." 

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The Truth About Life After An Abusive Relationship
2 years ago
The difficulty with the term "abusive relationship" is that it means something different to everyone, depending on his or her own experiences, the stories of people close to them, and what they've see...
How My First Love Is Still Ruining Everything
2 years ago
I remember everything about the very first moment I saw him -- really saw him. We had been in the same class all year, but for some reason, on that particular afternoon I looked over my left shoulder ...
Wait For The Guy Who Does This
2 years ago
Butterflies: Check. Mutual attraction: Check. It's easy to fall for him when you first discover the spark between the two of you, but before you get in over your head, ask yourself if he does these th...
10 Things I Learned from 30 Days of Not Drinking
2 years ago
The wine may be missing, but here's what I gained (hint: not pounds)
Coming Out...As An Alcoholic
2 years ago
Over the years, I had given a lot of thought to quitting drinking. The first thing that troubled me about it was the word “alcoholic,” and, worse, having to admit that I was one. I had a problem with ...