Brooke Smith

  • Brooke Smith
    Published 2 years ago
    The Life of a Teenage Mom

    The Life of a Teenage Mom

    It was in August 2016 when I found out I was pregnant. I was only 16 years old at the time and that was honestly the scariest news of my life. I cried for days wondering how I was going to raise a baby and how my father would react. I didn't end up telling him, my mom did. I was shocked to hear that he wasn't angry. Just a little upset. Dylan had no idea until I called him at work and told him. He was nervous but seemed to be fine with the news. I didn't want to tell anybody because I was scared of what they would say about me having a baby at such a young age. I had my first prenatal and I was so nervous... I went in and we listened to my baby's heartbeat and I almost cried. It was a sign of relief and it made me excited.