Brenda Hernandez

  • Brenda Hernandez
    Published about a year ago
    The Kid Adult

    The Kid Adult

    So, it all started when I was nine years old, that’s when my parents had it tough. They would leave for work to pay of the rent, they couldn’t afford a babysitter so I had to stay and take care of my two younger siblings. We were a family of six at that time. Anyways I would stay home and literally babysit my brother and sister. I was annoyed because, how can a nine-year-old babysit two other kids? As time went on I didn’t really care when my parents would say “We are leaving for work, put the lock on the door, and make sure your brother and sister eat.” My older brother helped but not enough, he just stayed in his room. That was the first “adult” job I’ve had.