B.A. Phipps

  • B.A. Phipps
    Published 2 years ago


    An explosion shook the ship, knocking the bloodied man to the ground. The lights wavered as he scrambled for purchase on the smooth metal floor, his hand slick with blood and sweat. Somewhere ahead of him he could hear the telltale hiss of air before the expected shaking thump of the blast doors slamming shut to protect the rest of the ship. Getting his hands and feet under him, he pushed himself up, leaning heavily on the wall. A second explosion rocked the craft, sending him stumbling into the opposing wall. He clutched the wound on his stomach, wincing hard, and slid to the floor. The lights flickered and went out, plunging him into darkness. Moments later, red emergency lights came on, bathing the corridor with a faint red light, but it was enough to tell the captain he was not alone.