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  • Auon Ali Syed
    Published 2 months ago
    To Toronto

    To Toronto

    Marine Biology or Sports Management two extremely interesting choices but both of them had very little scope in India. After a few unexpected wake up calls it was decided Sports Management it is, but challenges awaited me. Being an international student has its pros and cons, the first few months you are excited to wander around places go to downtown and be amazed at every street you turn at, college or university starts you make amazing friends you get to know them and vice versa, soon reality hits you now your worrying about your budget for the coming months how much are you going to spread? Do i really need to buy this? Should i look for something cheaper and there are tons of questions going off in your brain next thing you know you are hit with a wave of assignments and tests, you might take a little sigh of relief but you are aware of the midterms breathing down your neck for a better GPA. Now is the time you get more comfortable managing yourself with your finances and grades you are getting accustomed to a whole different culture ,a whole different country you make new friends with whom you make great memories but now is also the time you get homesick you miss family, friends, pets and everyone else more than you ever did. You can wait to get home and sleep in your bed again but before you know there is a global pandemic and all travel is restricted but you are lucky enough to find a summer job at an amusement park. In 8 months of living in a different country without family and people you can depend upon was certainly a strange feeling for me. Did i mention i was stuck at Hong Kong airport because of the protest going around that time thankfully my flight was the last one to depart, but the journey i was talking about is how I grew a person not only me I would every international student grows in stature as a person, you become a completely different person at least I did. Life changes drastically you become independent you manage your finances, you start doing the dishes, you might even start working part time, you might volunteer for Ice hockey team, in short everything becomes unpredictable i am supposed to finishing up my assignment instead here i am writing this down.