Archie Swenson

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How to Gain a Job as a Flight Attendant
7 days ago
One of my goals for the next two years is to have a job as a flight attendant with a reputable airline - preferably one from New Zealand, Australia or Canada. I have a passion for aviation and have at...
The Questions Most Frequently Asked by Bipolar SOs
8 days ago
The purpose of this article is to try and help the many bewildered significant others of those who have bipolar disorder understand a little bit more about what their partner is going through. I'm twe...
There's a Little Bit of Jerry in All of Us
8 days ago
Jerry Smith is the one major character in Rick and Morty who is constantly trampled on and who everyone seems to hate. Rick hates him, mostly because he sees Jerry as having ruined his daughter's life...
Why You Should Make Iran Your Next Travel Destination
9 days ago
Last year, I was fortunate enough to undertake a 15 day tour of Iran.