• Anonymous
    Published 24 days ago
    Shattered nights sleep.

    Shattered nights sleep.

    Everyone wants that dream life. The dream husband, house, dogs, white picket fence in a safe town. Until, my life went to shambles while maintaining the “perfect military wife vibe” made that white picket fence didn’t mean anything, anymore. You never know you’re in the situation you’re in until you leave it. Even, if it’s just for a week. I’ve always been a pleaser. One who wants to make everyone happy. I was my abuser’s dream because he could gaslight me however he wanted too. I was his property. One hit, boom. Second hit, “I’m so sorry I love you so much, until he’s strangling me outside the house.” Third time. Fourth time. Fifth time. It still wasn’t enough. It took a year of me being isolated with this monster to realize how truly afraid of him I was.