Amy Sherlock

  • Amy Sherlock
    Published 2 years ago
    How Drama Schools Turn Dreams Into Money

    How Drama Schools Turn Dreams Into Money

    Everybody's thought about how amazing it would be to pretend for a living. To act out those scenes we see on the big screens or dazzle the crowd with your tear jerking performance. To connect with people who offer empathy in return from you offering your deep personal insights on stories and relationships. From a very young age I was a performer, I forced my sisters to be the backing dancers in the off-key production of Shania Twain the musical that I performed to my family in the living room and cried when I didn't get to play Portia in the school's production of the Merchant of Venice. Even after receiving constant warnings about the frequent rejection and instability, I carried on and told myself that no matter what I would become a working actor.