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  • Amy Doodle
    Published 2 years ago
    Crashes Through Houses

    Crashes Through Houses

    As a single mom on the online dating scene, I had my fair share of bad dates. There were some real doozies. There was the one where he showed up looking like a completely different person than his profile pic; as in different build, different hair color, different face, etc. The one where he was wearing white athletic socks with black dress shoes and shorts. There was the one where he took me to an art exhibit and the artist happened to be one I’d posed nude for in college. There was the one were I got way too drunk and woke up in a huge house with an airplane parked out back, but it turned out it wasn’t his house or his airplane. I think the one that stands out, though, is the one my friends and I still refer to as “Mr. Crashes Through Houses.” We’ll call him Crash.