Amelia Clare Wright

Amelia is a junior at Emerson College majoring in Communications Studies. She finds passion in language, photography, and learning, and hopes to pursue a life full of all three. 

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Tales from a Place Where You Can Feel Other People Crawling On Your Skin...
a year ago
The Forest Haven Asylum in Laurel, Maryland was opened in 1925 as a home, school, and social ground for both children and adults with intellectual disabilities.
Relinquishing Armor
a year ago
To be an actor requires levels of strength that are taken for granted in everyday life. To stand on a stage, in front of a camera, and exploit your experiences to become someone else requires a lot of...
How To Be Good at School
a year ago
I watch her face glow with defiance as her jaw tightens to restrain her voice. Not hours later, I hear her screaming down the hallway, octaves above her usual pitch, with frustration. Our AP Literatur...
The Panopticon of the Patriarchy
a year ago
The patriarchal society lived in today is commonplace. Women find themselves constantly shorted in conditions ranging from violent rapists found innocent to girls told to cover their shoulders in scho...
Mental Illness As a Scapegoat
a year ago
The idea of blaming or using another person to absolve oneself of sin is ever present. From the primitive scapegoating of eliminating humans from a tribe in response to a natural disaster or other ine...
A Collection of "Ands"
a year ago
There are words dripping from my lips in no sensible order. They are empty; as much as I try to fill them with the passion and the past married to them in my mind, they are detached, and I am sorry fo...