Amanda Lin

Amanda Lin is a freelance writer and content creator from Daly City, CA. When she isn't writing, she loves to find new restaurants to try and travel the world. Contact her here: 

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How to Teach Your Teen How to Drive Without Freaking Out
6 months ago
I know, thinking about teaching a teenager how to drive has to be one of the scariest thoughts... like ever. I can still remember how afraid I was when I started to learn how to drive. I even accident...
3 Tips for Co-Parenting After a Divorce
6 months ago
It’s tricky. Is co-parenting together after a divorce is as daunting and frustrating as it sounds? It’s true that your schedule now depends on the flexibility of someone else’s and that you need to be...
How Long Will My DUI Conviction Affect My Life?
7 months ago
The number of people who insist on driving after drinking is on the rise across the United States. Many drivers believe that they can get away with getting behind the wheel after a beer or two. Howeve...
How to Safely Bring a New Dog Home & Introduce Them to Your Kids
9 months ago
Is your family welcoming a new four-legged pup soon? Bringing home a dog is a very exciting time. However, there is a ton of preparation that needs to be done before the canine arrives. Outside of pup...
4 Post-Grad Tips I Wish Someone Gave Me
9 months ago
First and foremost, if you are about to graduate or have recently graduated: Congratulations! Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment, one that definitely needs to be celebrated. Navigating t...
5 Things to Do This 2018 Holiday Season
9 months ago
Can you believe it? Thanksgiving has come and gone and 2018 is nearly over. But, that doesn’t mean that all the fun is over. December is one of the best months of the year. Both people and places are ...