Althea Luce

I'm currently working at being the best I can be. That includes writing and dusting off my violin, but mostly writing. Enjoy!

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Hospital Love Poems
9 months ago
Alive Think Blink Breathe step by step, closer, but Farther still not Knowing who you are but still having Desire not knowing How to ask but Still Wanting Desire Speak Up Scream Out but how when the s...
Love, Found, and Unsure
9 months ago
Smile your White teeth, Brighter than the Moon it’s all I see in the Dark of night sleeping flowers Hum winds Whisper “All is well! There is no ear tonight.” muted colours snore stones Laugh at the tw...
I'm Fine
9 months ago
You ask me how I’m doing. What a stupid question. Because I sink and I sink and I sink in my hole of what I am. I’m not doing. I’m not. Not anything at all. But what do I say? I say I’m fine. Mum, I’m...
To My Cousin
9 months ago
When I was younger, I lived in the States – The United States of America. The war in Iraq was very real in my grade five mind, and I respected and was in awe of the military. They risked their lives e...
Schrödinger's Lie
9 months ago
to Write to Suffer the questions of Old embody the Author what purpose? why? How? WHY? The Author ity of life Incomplete without Truth the Truth Above that which is Anything at all the Maker Himself u...
The Maker
9 months ago
The child with the imagination chooses The child, to read, chooses The child, with wings of fancy flying about, sings and dances ‘til night’s end The child knows what truth is beyond all truth The tee...