Alexis Montoya

Alexis Montoya is a passionate storyteller born and raised in The Bronx. She loves to write about veganism, community, activism, and her roots in Puerto Rican and Peruvian culture.

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The Best Vegan Pizza in the Bronx Is Hidden in Throggs Neck
4 days ago
Following the closing of Pizzaniste, the only Bronx pizzeria (to my knowledge) that sold vegan cheese and crust, my dream for vegan pizza in the Bronx was struggling. As with most of my vegan discover...
The Intersection of Veganism and Fatness
25 days ago
Lately, I’ve been feeling the pressure of existing as a fat, body positive person and a vegan. Food consumption is not the only element of veganism, but it is a major part of it. Discussions surroundi...
Vegan Puerto Rican Pastelillos Recipe
2 months ago
When it came to making pastelillos as a kid, I was always on dough duty. Covered in flour and gaining muscle mass by the minute, I rolled out what must be thousands of discos over the course of my lif...
The Bronx Veganism
2 months ago
It's been one year since I became vegan. For a while now, I've been ruminating on what kind of veganism I strive to represent. In a lot of ways, mainstream veganism fails to represent the reality of w...
8 Vegan Snacks to Help You Survive This Semester
2 months ago
Welcome to a brand new school year! In the rush of this new semester, it’s always wise to take some snacks with you to recharge in-between classes. Below are some of my favorite vegan snacks that work...
The Bronx Vegan Eats: Vegan Pho + Banh Mi
2 months ago
There are times when eating vegan food leaves me feeling like I truly put something good in my body. It’s almost as if my mind, body, and soul is refreshed. That’s the kind of feeling I had when tryin...