Aiyda Blackshear

A city girl with a good story telling skill. Names of the innocent have been changed but the events are all true!

  • Aiyda Blackshear
    Published 29 days ago
    Newark Nights

    Newark Nights

    This night I was walking down MLK passed St. Barney's Academy when I heard a voice say "Hey, how are you?" I turned to look and a fine ass man was standing in the steps of the school. Chocolate brown with a thin goatee, violet contacts and a killer smile. "Hi, I'm good." I say back to him and he comes down the stairs toward me. OMG I'm thinking, damn this brother is fiiine and he wants to talk to me? I'm getting nervous as he approaches but he smiled and said, "I'm Johnathan, and you are?" I blushed and gave him my name. He said he had seen me walk by a couple of times this week while he was on duty at the school. "Yeah I go to school next door," I told him, almost embarrassed that I was still a student. He looked surprised too.